Investment Management

Understanding The Basics of Investing

We help our clients understand the basic nuts and bolts of investing and do not operate in a black box.  The first step is creating an investment policy statement that covers the following:

  • Goals and time horizons
  • Liquidity needs
  • Balance between risk and return potential
  • Asset class allocation
  • Asset location and tax management considerations related to qualified versus non-qualified accounts
  • Active/passive management considerations
  • Considerations for any account restrictions, exclusions, or concentrated positions.

Creating An Investment Policy Statement

Our investment advisory approach is research-based and a blend of traditional financial principles along with material non-financial risks and opportunities.

Asset management requires fundamental analysis, and a qualitative approach using non-financial information that is material to business risks and value creation for all shareholders. These factors, among others, influence our manager selection and asset allocation decisions.

Along with the managers we hire, we collectively take a long-term, globally diversified, and strategic approach to asset allocation and security selection.  As one would expect, all parties monitor the markets and economic environments and make changes when and where appropriate to ensure alignment with the investment objectives for each client.

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