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Our Philosophy

Three Corners Capital exists to resource financial capital for social change.

We desire to be respectfully disruptive within the financial services industry.  We want to bring best-in-class financial planning and investment advice while also creating positive impact in our communities, businesses and world.

This mission is accomplished through representing the “three corners” – people, planet and profit – in each unique client engagement.

We implement by helping investors, individuals and institutions alike, use investments (think your IRA or Endowment) to work towards achieving a stated financial objective while also creating positive impact on the environment, human rights and gender equality.

Our Clients:

The firm's clients come in different sizes, all have different goals, and are located across the United States. Our clients include individuals seeking financial planning and personal investment solutions, as well as institutions seeking solutions for their donor advised funds, 401(k) plans, pensions and endowments.

The common denominator between our clients, however, is the desire to make prudent financial decisions to help meet financial goals while embracing positive change through environmental, human rights, governance, and other values-based criteria.

Our Vision:

We see a day where our clients win, communities win, businesses win, and our world wins.

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