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Our Approach

We serve always in all ways. 

To us, financial planning is more than "money". There's an interconnection between our personal lives, physical lives, spiritual lives, and our work lives. We build lasting relationships with our clients rooted in a deep sense of trust. This is a responsibility we take seriously. 

This trust enables us to have meaningful conversations of what matters most, and create outcomes that best align with our clients' values. 

We follow a well-tested process and collaborate with our clients' other professional advisors to ensure no financial planning gaps exist and no opportunities are overlooked. 

The financial services industry is built around compartmentalized services. As such, we've found most clients come to us with financial planning that is done independent of one another. 

In contrast, we view our works like a conductor of a symphony - coordinating all of the musicians and their instruments to play seamlessly from one sheet of music.

Once we work with clients to identify their objectives, create observations, communicate recommendations and implement strategies, our job is not done. Financial planning is not an event, it is a process. As such our communication with clients is imperative.

We utilize the following to engage with our clients throughout the year:

  • Practice wide email updates for important information
  • Conference calls to provide timely perspective on significant financial events
  • Social media
  • Webinar capability
  • Private client website
  • Quarterly investment letters
  • Client events focused on financial (e.g. investments), non-financial (e.g. leadership development) and social topics
  • Ongoing client reviews: either in person or via webinar
  • Client specific updates when changes occur to their various implemented strategies