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Investment Planning

As our firm’s core philosophy states, each person on this planet is unique – we believe their portfolios should be as well.

Three Corners Capital combines the same financial research that a “traditional” investor would seek; however, we add additional screening criteria based on the impact our clients desire to make. We focus our efforts on two additional elements:

Portfolio selection & guidelines 

This is the integration of positive ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors which we believe impact corporate performance (both risk management and opportunity).  This step in the process is also where we screen out any negative issues a client wants to avoid (e.g. fossil fuels, weapons, or even faith-based considerations).

Impact investing – we seek two deliverables:
- Targeted outcomes: these are generally measurable. 
- Active ownership: the advocacy efforts of proxy voting, shareholder resolutions and leadership engagement. For example, we only vote yes on proxies for board changes when adding women or there are already women on the board.

Since the goals of each client are different, no portfolio is exactly alike.  We customize each client engagement to the investment goals, and the values/impact clients seek.

Three Corners Capital can evaluate an existing portfolio or implement a new strategy. 

Three Corners Capital can help you:

  • Identify your goals
  • Define your options
  • Develop & Implement your strategic financial plan
  • Oversee the implementation 
  • Review your financial plan annually