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Integrating 401(k)s & ESG/SRI

Employers offer retirement plans from 401(k)s to SIMPLE IRAs in order to attract and retain top talent.

These programs allow participants to contribute pre-tax dollars that have tax-deferred growth potential for retirement. Many programs offer a variety of investment options and services to help towards meeting the goals of each participant regardless of age or income. Unfortunately, most plans do not offer a variety of investment options to account for a participant’s desire to align their savings with environmental, human rights or even religious criteria.

According to research by the Investment Company Institute, qualified retirement plan assets in the United States at the end of 2013 accounted for $23 Trillion dollars. Integrating ESG/SRI criteria has the potential to provide access to a tremendous amount of capital from individuals participating in these plans.

With the growth of companies focused on corporate responsibility and sustainability, along with a growing number of employees looking at these companies for employment, there is a unique opportunity to provide an retirement plan with investment options that align with the financial and sustainable & responsible goals of individual participants. For more information on integrating sustainable and responsible investing into retirement plans, click here.

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