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Gender Equality

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Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusive Capitalism
At Three Corners Capital (TCC), we believe in companies that promote gender diversity workplace practices and inclusive capitalism. We follow companies that promote board diversity, executive leadership diversity, and equal employee benefits.

At TCC, we are particularly supportive of initiatives that empower women. Some of the major investment fund initiatives we follow include:

Pax World Global Women’s Equality Fund
Calvert’s Women’s Principles
Here’s an additional article about their investments in women.
Domini’s Social Investments
Read more here about their work promoting women on Japanese boards.
More importantly, we believe in a broader economic initiative called inclusive capitalism, whether that is to promote equality among many diverse segments or providing working and middle classes with better economic opportunities.

Check out the infographic below to see how inclusive capitalism is empowering for our future. It is based on this article.

Companies referenced are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered recommendations.